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News from TPR Group

June 06, 2013

  1. Please look up for the significance of impact factor and citations in assessing academic research and journal quality. The blog gives interesting views on the use of I F in general and its limitations.
  2. Editorial work on 4th Edition of the Handbook of Industrial Drying (CRC Press) is in progress. Authors of new chapters are asked to submit their chapters urgently for final processing.
  3. Volume 5 of Modern Drying Technology is nearly complete and should be off the press later in 2013.
  4. Five papers are at various stages of processing. TPR Group published over 30 journal papers in 2012. The total count of journal papers by Prof. Mujumdar has exceeded the 500 mark.
  5. Note that DRYING'84 will be archived by Springer. See message below:
    Thank you for your feedback on the Springer Book Archives. We would like to confirm that we have received the data you submitted regarding your book Drying '84 ISBN 978-3-540-13429-9.
  6. The 19th International Drying Symposium will be held in Lyon, France in August 2014. Please click here for details.

May 23, 2013

  1. Dr Zen Gong, developer of the well known user-friendly software for flowsheeting calculations involving drying, evaporation, filtration, mixing as well as a large number of unit operations has upgraded the Simprosys program. Please click here for a brief outline of its capabilities and contact Simprotek for availability of trial software. Dr Gong was Professor Mujumdar’s PhD student at McGill University and studied the intricacies of industrial drying simulation needs and applications while a PhD student almost two decades ago.
  2. Dr Shek Atiquere Rahman is organizing a Symposium on Sustainable Energy at Sharjah University, Abu Dhabi in 2014.
  3. IDS2014 will be held in Lyon in August 2014. Please visit their website for deadlines and details.
  4. EuroDrying2013 will be held in Paris in September 2013. Visit their website for details.

May 14, 2013

  1. Please click here for abbreviated information giving a short professional profile (list form, not complete) and also plans after moving from NUS in mid August 2013. New contact information is also provided there.
  2. Prof. Mujumdar is invited to the International Advisory Committee of CHEMCON 2013 to be held in Mumbai in December 2013.
  3. Prof. Mujumdar is invited to be advisor and member of scientific committee of an International Symposium on Sustainable Energy to be held at the University of Sharjah, UAE in early 2014.
  4. In November 2013 he will attend a 3 day meeting of the International Program Committee of the Process Technology Institute of Delft Technical University, Delft, Holland.

May 08, 2013

  1. Dr Sachin Jangam will join NUS Chemical Engineering Separtment as Lecturer from July 1, 2013. Congrats, Sachin.
  2. Dr Karthik Somasundaram has joined Prof. A.O. Tay's research group to work on thermal management of batteries.
  3. Drs. Sachin, Jundika and Karthik have submitted final reports on their work for M3TC. The grant that established M3TC for five and a half years expired March 31, 2013. Numerous M3TC Technical reports currently on m3tc website will be available on this site and the sister site The NUS site will cease in mid-August 2013.
  4. Editorial processing for vol 5 of Modern Drying Technoloy (VCH-Wiley, Germany) is nearly completed for late 2013 publication. TPR has 2 chapters in this volume.
  5. Prof. Mujumdar is now working on the 4th enhanced edition of the widely acclaimed Handbook of Industrial Drying (CRC Press, USA). There will be about 12 new chapters and many chapters updated. The publication is expected in latter half of 2014.
  6. Two new e-books are being prepared for late 2013 to early 2014 completion.
  7. Prof. Christopher Yap (main) and Dr Erik Birgersson ( Co-Advisor) will take over from Prof.Mujumdar the mentorship of Marjan Shaker and Tongwei over remaining 18 months of their PhD research. He will continue mentoring them from overseas until they complete their doctoral work.
  8. An initiative to establish a US$30 million educational and research facility in Andhra Pradesh has advanced significantly. It is an initiative of Dr Nagarjun of Harvard who has assembled a group of world class researchers in nanotechnology in support of the proposal and facility. Prof. Mujumdar has supported this initiative.

March 19, 2013

  1. Freely downloadable e-book entitled "Fluidization Engineering Practice" is now available at
  2. Click here to download a special report on 7th WFCFD held at ICT, Mumbai, February 2013.
  3. M3TC will cease operations as Centre effective March 31, 2013. However, the PIs can be reached for potential collaboration with industry directly. Various technical reports produced by Prof Mujumdar's group will be available at his personal site for a couple of years. Use google search to access them.
  4. Prof Mujumdar gave seminar on University-Industry interaction including pros and cons and ways to potentially enhance it. The PPT can be downloaded here.
  5. Good luck and best wishes to Drs Sachin Jangam, Karthik Somsundaram and Jundika Kurnia as they complete their productive stay with M3TC.
  6. Prof. Mujumdar will remain with ME department until mid August.

March 18, 2013

  1. Prof. Mujumdar received an award from Jiangsu province of China which has a GDP half of India's. The award is for International Cooperation in Science and Technology. The Governor of the province made the presentation on February 22 in Nanjing. The award certificate is shown below
  2. Prof J Litster of Purdue University was second recipient of the Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar Distinguished Visiting Professorship at ICT , Mumbai, India.
    The certificate and a photograph from the event is shown below.
  3. Prof Mujumdar gave a talk on Academia-Industry  Interaction to ME faculty on March 15th. For PDF of the Power Point please click here.
  4. M3TC grant ends on March 31st 2013.

February 28, 2013

  1. Prof. Sakamon Devahastin, a PhD student of Prof. Mujumdar at McGill University, Canada, was recently recognized by the National Research Council of Thailand with award of their prestigious National Outstanding Researcher Award. Click here to view the medal. Hearty congratulations, Sak, from TPR Research Group/Family!
  2. Prof. Mujumdar was conferred the highest Science and Technology Award by the Governor of Jiangsu Province, China, for International Cooperation. The august award ceremony was held in Nanjing on February 22nd 2013. Prof. Mujumdar had prior commitments in Mumbai at the same time and hence could not accept the award in person. Click here to view the certificate.
TPR Group

Our Group's current research effort is directed towards experimental and modeling studies of heat, mass and momentum transport problems of industrial interest. They are motivated by the need to conserve energy and to generate energy from renewable sources. Among projects recently completed or on-going are: studies of pulse combustion and novel dryers based on pulse combustor exhaust as drying medium, convective heat transfer using nanofluids, heat transfer characteristics of constructal channels; phase change material (PCM) based cooling systems for electronic components, modeling of PEM fuel cells etc. Basic fluid and thermal characterization of impinging and opposing jets has also been carried out in a series of studies. Focus in coming years will be on various aspects of energy systems involving both nonrenewable and renewable energy sources and their utilization.

Additionally, a number of international collaborative projects are under way with institutions around the world. Details can be found on this site.

Highlight News


Click here to download the flyer for Workshop on Mathematical Modeling

Click here to read the article about Ebooks from TPR Group published in October 2010 issue of Chemical Industry Digest.



Professor Mujumdar receives Mars Lifetime Achievement Award from IDS2010. Click here for details.


Top 5 contributors to the World Drying  Archival Literature

(Last updated from ISI Web of Science on March 13, 2012)

The number refers only to publications in archival journals. Books and chapters in books or conference proceedings are excluded.


Prof. Arun S. Mujumdar (261)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Singapore, Singapore


Prof. Tim A.G. Langrish (114)

Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Sydney, Australia


Prof. Somchart Soponronnarit (111)

School of Energy, Environment and Materials

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand


Prof. G.S. Vijaya Raghavan (108)

Department of Bioresource Engineering

McGill University, Canada


Prof. Xiao-Dong Chen (106)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Monash University, Australia



  • New book by Prof.Mujumdar, "Perspectives on Innovation, Globalization and R&D", click here for the flyer.
  • Ebook "Mathematical Modeling of Industrial Transfer Process", Click here for free download.
  • Prof. Mujumdar has been selected for Platinum Award of Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
  • WM5P was successfully conducted on 14 March 2009. Click here for details.
  • Report on WM5P, 14 March 2009. Visit here please.
  • Photos of WM5P, 14 March 2009. Visit here please.
  • Special Awards at IDS 2008. Visit here please.
  • Advanced Drying Technologies, Prof. Kudra and Prof. Mujumdar, Second Edition. Visit here
  • Guide to Industrial Drying, 3rd Enhanced Revise Edition. Visit here please.
  • Publication list of Prof. A.S. Mujumdar from 1978 to Dec 2008. Visit here please.
  • Prof. A. S. Mujumdar's book cover collage updated Sep. 2008. Click here please.
  • Modern Drying Technology, Ed. by Prof. Totsas and Prof. Mujumdar,Vol. 1, Visit here please
  • Modern Drying Technology, Ed. by Prof. Totsas and Prof. Mujumdar,Vol. 2, Visit here please  
  • Prof. Mujumdar received Doctor Honoris Causa by Lodz Technical University, Poland on June 11, 2008
    Report on Honorary Doctorate--Drying Technology (PDF), click here for more information



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