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CHUI Chee Kong, PhD


Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore                 



Engineering is recognized for its important role in the advancement of a nation. In early days, an engineer was trained from a long apprenticeship. By working alongside the master, he/she observed, learnt and put into practice the knowledge and problem solving skills of the master. The trainee engineer innovated by modeling after his master's thinking process. This is experience based learning with a clear focus on problem solving. The training is multidisciplinary. Knowledge is acquired when there is a need to solve a problem or the need to make improvement over existing solution arises. To me, the emphasis on apprenticeship is just as important as classroom based lectures, tutorials and laboratories in the training of a modern engineer. Apprenticeship is particularly important in higher education of engineering.

6th November 2014: 

I have not been updating this page. I still teach ME5405 Machine Vision with A/Prof Lim KB. Instead of teaching ME 3241/ME 3241E Microprocessor Applications, I am teaching the instrumentation part of ME 2143/ME 2143E Sensors and Actuators. There will be some changes to the Motor Characteristics Lab. The Lab Report has to be submitted at the end of the three hours session - No more homework!

20th June 2008:

In Semester 1 of AY08-09, I will be teaching ME5405 Machine Vision with A/Prof Lim KB. Machine vision is a subfield of engineering that encompasses mechanical engineering, optics, computer science and automation. It is a multidisciplinary subject. At the end of the course, the students should understand the elements of machine vision systems, and the application of machine vision in robotics as well as medical devices. The students will also learn how simple image processing software works. 

I will also be teaching ME6401 Topics in Mechatronics 1 with A/Prof Teo CL and Dr Burdet E. I will create entries in IVLE for these courses.   

16th January 2008:

I have created an entity in IVLE for ME 6402 Topics in Mechatronics 2. It is a small class. Nevertheless, IVLE could still be useful. I hope the students can make use of the Forum for communicating information on the subject. I will be posting notes on "Medical Robotics" in IVLE.  

4th January 2008:

In Semester 2 of AY07-08, I will be teaching ME/TM 3241 Microprocessor Applications with A/Prof Hong GS, and ME 6402 Topics in Mechatronics 2 with A/Prof Ong CJ. Since there will not be an entry in IVLE for ME 6402 due to the small class, I will post information of this course, in particular "Medical Robotics" that I am teaching on this website.   

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